The Biggest Little Band on the Shore

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2nd Time Around, 33 1/3, Al Frantic, All-Some, Ancient Mariners, Braxton Hicks, Chainbreak, Cliff Hills, Clifford Keith, Crown of Earth, Deviation by Design, E. Joseph & The Sparrows, Electric Smoke, Elena Louvis, Filo Betto, Ginger, Hot Sauce, Indianhead, Indian River, Judy Sings the Blues, Kathleen Carter, Lounge Fly, Love Seed Mama Jump, Lower Case Blues, Matthew Bennett Davey & The Baba Roots, Mike Garvilla, Oh Boy!, Rat Rod, Sara Ann Garrison, Seth Reynolds, Sounds of Strange, The Blues Reincarnation Project, The Funsters, The Stumble, Tony Travalini & The Still Lifes, Twice Removed, Usual Suspects, Wyld Syde