Bass Guitar/Lead Vocals


Playing bass for eight years

Musical influences: Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd. Hobbies: Soccer (goalie), Musical Theatre




Playing guitar for nine years

Musical influences: Nirvana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pearl Jam

Hobbies: BMX, collecting guitars




Playing for six years. Favorite drummer John Bonham. Musical influences: Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and my brother Drew. Hobbies: soccer and spending time with friends.


Lead Vocals


Singing for three years

Musical influences: All band groups. Hobbies: Musical Theatre, baking


In 2017, brothers Drew (bass player/vocalist) and Alex Fitzkee (drummer) had been playing music casually with friends and performed at JD Shuckers' "Kids Got Talent" Program a few times in Lewes, Delaware.  On June 30 2017, they played "Kids Got Talent" at the Milton's Farmer's Market but their guitar player failed to show.  On that day, they met Jasper, who joined them on stage, never having met before, Jasper and the boys played "Seven Nation Army" and the three boys became fast friends and played together often.

In August of 2018, Drew, Alex and Jasper attended Mr Hetfield's Rock n Roll Camp.  Under the direction of Walt Hetfield, the group performed together playing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Zombie" (along with other songs) at Bethany Blues in Lewes, the Rusty Rudder in Dewey Beach, and the Bethany Beach Bandstand.

In October 2018 Drew and Alex began school at Sussex Academy in Georgetown.  They were instrumental in founding the first ever middle school Jazz Band.  This is where they met the most recent member of the band, vocalist Elaina.  The group matured rapidly, playing to a full houses at DogFishead in Rehoboth and Striper Bites in Lewes.

Since that time the group has played out approximately 70 times.  Venues include The Freeman Stage, The Rehoboth Beach Bandstand, Hudson Fields, Irish Eyes, The Crooked Hammock, JD Shuckers, Arenas, The Wheelhouse, Conch Island and 2nd Street Tavern


The group shows no signs of slowing down as they absolutely love to play live music for large and intimate crowds alike.  It is their passion for sure.  In an age of television, computers and video games, this group of young talented musicians would rather find themselves jamming together in a basement or at a venue. And interestingly enough, the community has come out in strong support of their efforts.  It's what the group loves to do and why the public comes to see them.  Thankfully, Hope For Success is likely to continue  for years to come.  We hope you enjoy their music, watch their videos, and truly support their HOPE FOR SUCCESS!

The Biggest Little Band on the Shore

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